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The Deets:

MFA candidate for Narrative Medicine at Dominican University of California.

My writing primarily explores:
psychotic mental illness, identity & privilege, and spirituality.

Born in San Francisco and live in the Bay Area.

Published in The Berkeley Times, Dominican Scholar, Unlimited Literature, & Tuxedo Literary Magazine.

Bio Paragraph for all of my talents in one place...

Abby Laporte is Bay Area born and raised and advocates for people with bipolar disorder through her absurd, esoteric, and accidentally-clean standup comedy style. She is so positive and weirdly cheerful that she has also occasionally enjoyed the opportunity to host. Abby has performed guest sets and showcase sets, ranging from 5 - 12 minutes, as far as San Jose, Turlock (CA,) Pacifica, Stockton and at San Francisco venues including Cobb’s Comedy Club, Tiki Haven, Bar Fluxus, Atlas Cafe, Evolved SF, and more. Less than one year into comedy, Abby Laporte is grateful to start tapping into her own depth and adaptivity. 

Like many neurodiverse human beings, she also makes art, mostly in the form of line drawings about extraterrestrials, and is a published writer. You can find some of her art on tee-shirts at www.ETLovebyAPL.com. What’s more, Abby is currently an MFA candidate at Dominican University of California in Narrative Medicine (writing for health and healing) and unquenchably curious about the metaverse. 

Abby Laporte has an undergraduate degree with cum laude honors in Interdisciplinary Biology, with coursework that included creating and hosting a radio talk show about artificial intelligence (on Penguin Radio, 102.3 FM San Rafael). Although success is an ephemeral metric, one day Abby will serve as a great example of a psych ward survivor who channeled the power of neurological chaos for problem solving and who helped make the world a happier, healthier, safer place for all.