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Abby Peyton Laporte completed her undergraduate education with a bachelor's degree in Biology, Humanities, & Spanish (Interdisciplinary BioHumanities with a Latin American Studies emphasis, cum laude honors for her grade point average, to be exact). 

Abby recently received her graduate degree in summer of 2023 as an MFA in creative writing with a narrative medicine emphasis. She presented her final graduate thesis framework to peers, professors, family, and some friends (and open to the public,) which proceeded a 30 minute excerpt reading from her 111 page selected MFA works, by the title "Lucid, Likable, and Hopefully Sane: The Narrative Medicine of Socio-Psychiatric Recovery." The abstract of this curated collection is available on Dominican Scholar, although the text itself is under embargo per standard practices.

She is previously published in The Berkeley Times Poetry Edition, Unlimited Literature, and Tuxedo Literary Magazine. She self-published a debut chapbook, "Bitter Elixir," as well as her undergraduate thesis available from Dominican Scholar, by the title of "Sacred Lucidity: Embodied Identity Through the Lens of Poetry." 

Abby has also performed in standup comedy shows from San Francisco to Stockton to San Jose.