Other Projects  

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Public Speaking


Talks & Lectures (in person)
Workshop Creation & Facilitation (in-person)
Advocacy & Representation (radio, etc.)

Themes and Content:

Mental Illness
Resilience & Obstacles
Identity, & Privilege
Health & Embodiment

Tools Provided:

Exploratory Personal Writing
Spirituality & Mental Reframing
Embodiment & Bipolar Disorder

Guided Meditation
(with 12+ years of daily, concentration style meditation practice)


Link to a talk I gave for NAMI Marin about my story of mental health recovery:


(I am currently an active member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Marin Chapter's Speaker's Bureau and a participant in the NAMI New York City poetry workshop.)

And, very excited about any potential booking opportunities for speaking or workshop requests. As mentioned above, I have various forms and formats that I am comfortable offering, all of which have specific background and experience to support. 

I have co-facilitated a writing for health and healing workshop, while completing my graduate degree in Narrative Medicine writing. With an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Biology, and a small amount of direct experience in public health curriculum and internships, I am totally comfortable and equipped to provide support around mental health across generations. 

[Please note that I do not have any experience with depression nor suicidality, nor relevant perspectives to offer in any format -- but have spent more than 12 years in a daily, silent sitting meditation practice, which directly helped me overcome my experiences of panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, though I still live with other diagnoses, current day.]

In a time where mental health is increasingly forefront, and scrolling is (in all of my opinions, perspectives, and knowledge) the primary culprit for a divided, dissociative, and uncomfortable reality -- I am glad to be highly qualified to help in this exact area. 

If you are interested in my speaking or facilitation offerings, please send me an email at abby.laporte@gmail.com

If you do not hear back within 5 days, at most, please send me another email!! 

I will always respond to any booking inquiries, but I may not notice the email somehow, or it might get filled into another inbox. 

Thank you for understanding and I look forward to hearing about your event, location, or speaker needs, whatever they may be :)

Note that transit fees are always applicable, due to my own current limitations, and the nature of the job. 

Nonetheless, if you think you have an opportunity that could use a workshop or speaker, but do not have the funds, I may have the option to happily volunteer, pro-bono (so to speak,) for the speaking or workshop fees, if at all possible! The cause is always more important (as long as I can more literally physically get there). [Not available for any virtual or digital offerings or needs.]

With much gratitude,

Abby L.